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Employee Theft – The Profit Killer
by John Case, CPP

Employees steal over 1 billion dollars a week from their unknowing employers like you and will continue to steal until they are stopped! That’s why the Department of Commerce estimates that nearly 1/3 of the bankruptcies that occur in the US are caused by employee theft. However, this figure is insignificant compared to the number of businesses which are currently in business, experiencing increased losses from theft and are on the road to financial hardship or bankruptcy.

This is the only publication that addresses all the key elements necessary to eliminate employee theft within your business. It provides you with a direct business oriented approach to increase your bottom line through elimination of theft related losses. It covers such topics as why employees steal, how to identify risks, recover losses, interviewing suspects, anonymous tip programs, dealing with theft caused by employee drug abuse, and establishing an effective anonymous tip program and much more!.

It has been reviewed and recommended by such organizations as the Chamber of Commerce, Dun & Bradstreet and Boardroom Reports. It was the subject of featured stories on employee theft on CNNFN and in numerous publications.

Chapters cover such crucial issues as identifying employee theft, interviewing suspects, recovering losses, employee drug abuse, pre-employment screening, avoiding liability, theft of time, trade secrets, employee discounts. The appendix includes forms and checklists covering Anonymous Tip Programs, Reference Checking, Bomb Threats and more!

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